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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1 Do you Build Garage Systems also?


Absolutely! We have wonderful Steel Cabinets that are Powder Coated and come in a selection of colors! 

Customer Question #2 Do you Install Wire Racks?


Great Question! The answer unfortunately is No, we do not install Any sort Of Suspended Systems.  We feel the quality and stress of clothing and storage items do not work well with Suspended Systems and they will eventually fall off the walls or bend and this is not the quality of work we want to be affiliated with. 

Customer Question #3 can I Install It Myself?


The only  item  we  will  Drop  Ship  to  your  home  and you can  build  is  our  Lazy  Lee  Shoe  Spinner.   But we  will have you sign  off  on  the design  as  we  cannot warranty  any  items  we  do  not install  and  be  assured  they are  built  correctly.